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heat pumps hot water systems install supply repair brisbane sunshine coast

Heating Supply, Installation, Repair Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

heat pumps hot water systems install supply repair brisbane sunshine coast

Heat pump hot water systems supply, install and maintenance Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

What is a heat pump hot water system?

A heat pump uses renewable energy to heat your water, without the need for solar panels. They absorb the warmth from the encircling air and use it to heat your water. Therefore, these systems also are stated as ‘air-source heat pumps’. These systems are additionally more economical than typical water heaters despite operating using electricity. They will save cash and energy while reducing greenhouse emission emissions.

How do heat pump hot water systems work?

A heat pump hot water system works very similarly to a refrigerator in reverse – by transferring the warmth outside the unit to the water within the heater. It does this employing a heat exchange system.

Outside air is forced into the heat pump with a fan into the evaporator that contains a special refrigerant stored within the piping.
The warm air turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas.
A compressor pumps the refrigerant gas through a valve that compresses it. The results of this method are heat generation.
A heat exchanger moves the warmth from the gas pipes to a water tank.

Benefits and downsides of heat pump water heaters
  • Saves cash in the long run
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fewer greenhouse emission emissions than a standard water heating system
  • Effective in lower temperatures
  • No need for solar panels, inverters, and batteries
  • Easy to install and connect with your hot water plumbing
  • Not appropriate in very cold climates
  • Can purchase a booster in cold climates, however, it’s expensive
  • May be unreliable if installed or used incorrectly
Heat pump hot water vs alternatives

Hot water systems have 2 styles – storage and continuous flow (also known as instantaneous). Storage hot water systems heat and maintain lukewarm water in their tank till it’s used. Hot water is instant, however, it is restricted to the tank’s storage capacity. Continuous systems quickly heat unlimited water once you need it. It takes a little while to heat up, however it doesn’t use energy keeping water hot once it’s not getting used.
Heat Pumps Hot Water Systems are more economical and cost-effective than electric hot water systems, gas hot water systems & solar hot water systems.

Is a heat pump hot water system the correct choice for you?

If you reside in a region with a low average temperature, a heat pump hot water system isn’t the most efficient or effective answer. Heat pumps work in cold temperatures, however, the longer compressor runtime and also the need for a booster increase the system’s price and energy consumption.

If you’re situated in a region with moderate or warm temperature all year round such as South East Queensland, your hot water system heat pump will be ready to effectively operate and manufacture heat. You may also need to place your heat pump in a locality with a good quantity of air space.
Clayton HVAC supply, install and service all types of Heat pump hot water systems for your home, office or business in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast areas.

Heat pumps swimming pools supply, install & maintenance Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Clayton HVAC pool-heating pumps are best heating solutions as they’re extraordinarily energy economical while not compromising heating performance. They’re offered in an exceedingly wide selection of models and sizes to suit most pools and budgets.

How do heat pumps swimming pools work?

Swimming Pool heat pumps extract heat from the air (even in sub-zero temperatures) through compression and transference technology to heat pool water, the same way a reverse-cycle cooling system works to control the temperature.

What Are the Benefits of swimming pool heat pumps?

When compared to regular electrical or gas pool heaters, the advantages are straightforward enough. Regular electrical or gas heaters manufacture a bit less than one kilowatt of warmth for each 1 kW of energy consumed within the process. Swimming pool heat pumps, however, manufacture something from three to six kilowatt of warmth for each one kW of energy consumed. (This is known as the ‘coefficient of performance’, or COP – a heat pump that needs one-kilowatt energy to provide five kW of warmth contains a COP of 5.)

Also, in comparison to solar pool heating systems, swimming pool heat pumps have significant advantages. For one factor, they dont need as much time to heat up water as a solar pool heating system. Another advantage is sunshine isn’t needed in order for the heat pump to warm your pool. They’re going to continue to work even in ambient air temperatures as low as 7ᵒ C, and they don’t need roof systems or panels or intensive further pipework.

Clayton HVAC supply, install and service all types of swimming pool heat pumps systems for your home, office or business in the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.

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