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Air Conditioning Supply, Installation, Repair Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Split System air conditioning supply, install & repair Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Split systems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most usually installed & recognised variety of Split Systems are the Wall Mounted units (fan coils aka evaporators). These are usually used or seen in apartments and homes and in single rooms because of the actual fact that only two components are needed to be installed (in comparison to an evaporative cooler where you need to position duct & vents throughout your whole house).

Split air conditioning systems have their name thanks to half the system (condenser) being outside the house whereas the opposite half (fan coil) is put inside. When cooling, the warm air from within the area is taken in by the fan coil and removed, leading to cool air recirculating back into the house. Whereas reverse cycle allows for the heat pump to run in reverse to supply heating throughout cold days.

Clayton HVAC is the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast air conditioning specialists. We specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of air conditioning products as well as split-system air conditioners and ducted air conditioning systems. We are able to provide air conditioning repairs and service for both residential and commercial air conditioning properties.

Split system air conditioning Installation

We offer free on-site installation quotes for brand new air conditioning systems. Give us a call to arrange a time for us to visit and provide you a quote. As an alternative, you can make an enquiry via our web site or fill out the quote form.

Split system air conditioning repair

Clayton HVAC Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast, split system air conditioning repair. No matter what brand or model your air conditioning repair is for.

Our qualified, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast electricians have years of expertise conducting ducted and split system air conditioning repair.

Whether your broken air conditioning system is in your home, office or industrial building, Clayton HVAC, air conditioner specialists have a knowledgeable, trade qualified technician available.

Ducted air conditioning Supply, Installation & Repair Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Ducted air conditioning systems in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast provide wonderful value for money for the energy-aware user, whether or not utilised in the house or a commercial setting. Cool or warm air is piped through specially designed ductwork hidden in the roof and ceiling areas, with the air conditioning engine rooms (the air handling and compressor units) placed out of sight and a few distances away. This makes for a virtually noiseless system which may be controlled flexibly and in line with the user’s needs.

When you contract Clayton HVAC Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast to install your ducted air conditioning, we’ll advise you on all needed aspects: from the most acceptable energy economical units to how best to ‘zone’ your system.

The ability to zone ducted air conditioning offers both price and comfort advantages. The ducted air conditioning system may be set to let air flow to solely those areas that are getting used. This may be controlled manually or by a pre-set timer, providing extremely tailored air conditioning settings and additionally increasing energy efficiencies. It’s ideal for homes wherever families use many rooms at a similar time, or buildings wherever staff move from workplace to office, room-to-room.

Because of the variety of advantages, ducted air conditioning is more and more used as commonplace in new builds and as replacement systems in existing homes. It’s quiet, energy economical, and provides a flow of filtered air wherever it’s most required and when it’s needed.

Supply, install and repair commercial air conditioners Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Commercial air conditioning systems have completely different needs to your traditional domestic air conditioning system. They’re typically more complicated, need to handle additional individuals and may run longer, however most significantly, they have to be top-quality to minimise breakdowns and once they do breakdown, ought to be repaired as soon as possible.

That’s why Clayton HVAC Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast are the logical selection for your commercial air conditioners supply, install and repair. Not only are we specialists at planning and installing commercial air conditioning systems, but we are also fast and efficient in timely repair to commercial air conditioning units.

Commercial air conditioning installation

Clayton HVAC Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast commercial air conditioning department can work together with your Builder, Architect, Engineer, shop Fitter or whoever is liable for the commercial air conditioning system, to design the right system for your demand.

Our commercial air conditioners technicians can then install and commission your system to make sure it operates effectively at to the design needs.

Service and repairs to commercial air conditioning

Clayton HVAC Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast are fast and efficient, meaning if your commercial air conditioner breaks down we will repair it fast, reducing downtime and cost.

To help minimise any period of downtime along with your commercial air conditioners, we suggest a regular servicing or preventative maintenance program. Clayton HVAC Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast will work with you to make a decision on the most effective choice for your situation and can then perform regular servicing as agreed. This includes cleaning air conditioning filters additionally as checks for any possible future problems.

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